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We Make Buying Land Simple and Easy

Cashing in on land is not all about housing development. There is also a demand for small parcels of land suitable for pony paddocks, agricultural usage and allotments which are commanding high premiums. rolex replica sale One of the biggest attractions of purchasing land via GLS Ltd is the simple buying process that is associated with a purchase. We arrange all the necessary forms etc and unlike buying a house, there are no complex procedures to follow.

Unbelievable hot deals not to be missed! Prices as low as £2,000. cartier replica sale This exceptional offer is even better than the normal traders‟ prices. This means you have the opportunity to build your land/property portfolio at the best market prices. We wish you a successful and prosperous 2013.

We hope these prices will help you along the way.

Land in Greater London

If you purchased land around London 20 year's ago, you would be sitting on a fortune. rolex replica uk So why wait to buy land when you know the population is growing, land prices are rising faster than ever and we have a real need for housing and infrastructure.

So why pay more for land?

This is genuine Freehold land for sale in England (Great Britain), without Claw Backs etc.
The land is sold without planning permission - hence the price.

Own a piece of Freehold English land, it could be registered to you in weeks.

Simply select the land you wish to buy from over 100 locations in England and reserve it by means of a deposit and pay the remainder one months later. omega replica sale In some cases this final payment could be longer than a month, so feel free to ask for details on your chosen plot of land.

The Deeds for the land you buy could be transferred to your name/s officially at H M Land Registry within a month of receiving the your final payment.

You do not have to be British to by land in England

United Kindom

Your Land

On your plot of freehold land, you could grow your own organic crops, or keep animals. Subject to any restriction's, you could pitch a tent or caravan for short breaks, 28 days a year (14 days x 2 - ask local council first). The choice is endless. hublot replica uk One day, when the time is right, you could apply for planning permission or sell your land for a profit.

Here at London Land Sales we have land for sale, plots of land for sale and land development opportunities in the London area. replica watches These include land suitable for development in the future, as an asset, for entrepreneurs and for also for personal use or to be made into an allotment.
We do cover the whole of England but specialise in land for sale, plots of land for sale and land possibly suitable for development in the future in the following areas - Keston, Surrey, Norfolk, Woolley Green, Denham, Chelsham, Sandridge, St Albans, Flaunden, Hertfordshire, Chalfont St. Peter,  Buckinghamshire and East Horsley.

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